Nominee- 2021 New Mexico Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts.

Steve Cormier’s music is informed by nine years as a day work cowboy in the Flint Hills of Kansas and Eastern New Mexico and a Ph.D. in American Studies specializing in ranch history and culture. He sings and tells stories of the west before Hollywood movies glorified what is hard, often thankless work. He sings of horses, cattle, love, loneliness, old age, young age, real heroes and heroines, and discovery, all wrapped up in story and song and a song or two that he’s written.

Concert Schedule- 2023

March- KUNM Radio with Ron Hale, Abq., NM

March 19- Harwood Mluseum, Taos NM.

June 24, Solid Grounds Coffee House, St. Stephens Methodist Church, Abq., NM

August 24-26, Santa Fe Tradfest, Santa Fe NM

Oct. 6-7, Abq. Folk Festival, Abq., NM

Nov. 8-12, International Western Music Convention, Abq., NM

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